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by Joshua I. James
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We have made a few batches of homebrew wine so far at The Thinking Forest. One of the significant problems we have had as beginner winemakers is that we bottle the wine too early, and it is still fermenting in the final container. A little bit would be nice, so we can get a good fizz. However, one of our glass bottles exploded, which is not what we want.

One solution is to keep your wine in plastic bottles and release the pressure often; especially on hot days. The other option is to get an airlock.

Airlocks are cheap plastic pipes that you put water in. The idea is that carbon dioxide will push it's way past the water as the pressure builds up inside the fermenting vessel. However, nothing can get past the water to get into the container. This has a lot of benefits. The biggest ones I've seen so far are:

  • You don't have to manually release the pressure often
  • No bacteria or other particles can get into your brew
  • You can see how much pressure is in the container and estimate if it is done

The airlocks are inexpensive and reusable. I strongly recommend you get and use them if you are making your own wine at home.

I found my airlock online at GMarket. Twin Bubble Airlock and Bung (Korea):

You can also get them at Amazon. Twin Bubble Airlock and Bung (U.S.):

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