Joshua I. James
by Joshua I. James
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  • homebrew

This video is an explanation about how I started home-made wine (homebrew) with nothing more than a simple mead recipe and two-litre plastic bottles.

In this video I say "water filter", these are actually called an "airlock". The white stopper that the airlock fits into is called a "bung".

To get started, you will only need a plastic bottle, honey, water and some yeast. I started with a bread yeast from the local grocery store. When I started, other videos talked a lot about big systems and sterilising kits, fancy yeast, etc. All of that is to get the same taste and percentage every single time. If you are just starting up, skip all that. Just get a used water-bottle.

My basic mead recipe:

  • 500grams, or a bit more, of honey per 1 liter of water.