Revisiting the Inbox

Just like most people, I get a lot of emails. I've tried tagging. I've tried folders. I've tried deleting everything and starting from scratch. These methods help, but just like New Year's workout resolutions, they tend to fade once you get too busy. Today, I'm going to talk about email management.

5 min read

Thinking about task management

During the summer break, we went through a late spring-cleaning. For me, physically cleaning things out is never a big issue. I'm relatively minimalist and willing to get rid of anything that doesn't have a use.

4 min read

Vermicomposting 101 - Getting Started

Today we are talking about vermicomposting; using worms to break down food-waste into soil. There are already some excellent resources online about how to get set up for vermicomposting. Today I just wanted to talk about our reasons and experience at The Thinking Forest.

4 min read

Airlocks the best tool for homebrew!

We have made a few batches of homebrew wine so far at The Thinking Forest. One of the significant problems we have had as beginner winemakers is that we bottle the wine too early, and it is still fermenting in the final container. A little bit would be nice, so we can get a good fizz. However, one of our glass bottles exploded, which is not what we want.