Cybercrime Technologies is involved in a number of projects in association with Academia, Law Enforcement and Industry partners. While many of the projects may be related to Digital Investigation, hobby projects may also be listed.

Code for most of our projects can be found at

Active Projects:

  • Brainwave Classification for Authentication
    • A brainwave monitoring and authentication system for testing future security issues. Developed with BoBv5 Brain hacking team.
  • General Action Detection
    • A small script to attempt to associate created digital artifacts with general user activities in a suspect system. This script collects all keywords for files created/accessed/modified at a particular time range. These keywords can be used to start to understand what actions where happening at the specified time.
  • Indicators of Anti-Forensics
    • (Digital Forensic Triage) Indicators of Anti-Forensics is a project ran with the KITRI Best of the Best Information Security Training Program to develop a tool to detect anti-forensic activities.
  • Image Classification using Python
    • A project that focuses on creating image classifiers that are simple to train and use in practice. We are implementing them in Python.

Inactive Projects: